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Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016 Chillicothe District Merit Badge Trail Drive

Mr. Smith reminded me at our troop meeting last night of an additional Merit Badge opportunity that we have participated in previously through the Chillicothe District (part of the Tecumseh Council). They have a Merit Badge Trail Drive which is held at the Greene County Career Center in Xenia. My apologies for not getting this out to you sooner. I was not contacted by their representative as we were last year. The end of registration is January 30thand for those who may not have signed up for the Merit Badge opportunity at UD might want to take a look at this:

This is the link to the website for Chillicothe District:

***Please note that you have to register individually on their website to attend!*** This should answer any questions, but please contact Pam or Kelly from the Chillicothe District with any questions.

2016 Chillicothe District Merit Badge Trail Drive

Registration for the 2016 Chillicothe District Merit Badge Trail Drive begins November 1, 2015 and ends January 30, 2016

The event is February 6, February 20 and March 5, 2016. 
The cost is $5 per Scout.
Resources for Scouts, Leaders and Counselors

2016 Chillicothe District Merit Badge Trail Drive Class Schedule.pdf

Blue Card.pdf

What is the Event?

The Chillicothe District Merit Badge Trail Drive is an annual Boy Scout event dating back to the early 1980s. It is an event, held on three Saturdays during February and March, where Boy Scouts have the opportunity to earn up to three merit badges under the guidance of enthusiastic, registered BSA counselors. The Trail Drive offers both Eagle Scout-required and a variety of non-Eagle required badges for Scouts to choose. The offered badges have been selected based on their importance, their ease of completion within the context of the Trail Drive, and the availability of logistical resources (counselors and classroom space). Scouts can register for up to three merit badges for this event. We request Scouts to register for only two Eagle-Scout required merit badges for this Trail Drive.

Please note, registering for this Trial Drive does not guarantee a Scout will earn a merit badge. Scouts must earn their badges by working on and completing the badge requirements during the Trail Drive event. Many badges have pre-requisite requirements that must be started and/or completed before the Trail Drive in order to finish the badge (more on this below). Badges not completed at the end of the Trail Drive may be finished after the event if the Scout pursues its completion on their own accord with the Trail Drive counselor or with another registered merit badge counselor.

When is the Event?

Trail Drive 2016 will be at the Greene County Career Center for three Sessions: February 6, February 20 and March 5, 2016. Each Session has three class periods: Class Period #1, Class Period #2 and Class Period #3. There will be a short opening in the cafeteria each Saturday at 8:30 am. Class Period #1 is from 8:45 to 9:45 am, Period #2 is 10:00 am to 11:00 am and Period #3 at 11:15 am to 12:15 pm. The classes are one hour each with 15 minutes between classes. Some badges such as First Aid require two combined classes to complete. 

Who Can Participate?

The Chillicothe District Merit Badge Trail Drive is open to all Boy Scouts (and Venturers) registered in Tecumseh Council and neighboring Councils who want to earn merit badges for rank advancement. Please note, we recommend that Sr. Webelos crossing over into Boy Scouts in early 2016 do not participate in this event as their first major Boy Scout activity. Our experience is Sr. Webelos are better served by the Merit Badge Trail Drive after spending their first year in a Boy Scout Troop under the guidance and leadership of Scoutmasters and earning their first merit badge at summer camp or in their Troop after joining and learning the Boy Scout method.

How Can I Register?

Registration is online at the Tecumseh Council website: The registration fee is $5. The registration period begins on November 1, 2015 at 12:00 am and will close on January 30, 2016 at 11:59 pm. More information on registration is provided below.

Please provide an accurate and reliable email address for your online registration as that email will serve as your primary means of event contact and announcements as the Trail Drive registration concludes and the event begins. Scout Troops will also need to provide a Point-of-Contact name, email, phone and address for Trail Drive communication at the Troop level.

Please note: there will be no pre-order registration of Merit Badge books for this event. You may order Merit Badge Books at the Scout Shop by calling 937-325-6449 in advance of the Merit Badge Trail Drive and have them mailed to your home address.
Where is it Located?
The 2016 Chillicothe District Merit Badge Trail Drive will be held at the Greene County Career Center, 2960 W. Enon Rd, Xenia, OH 45385. A map is provided below for your information.

Map to Greene County Career Center

Additional Information

Space Exploration ($18) and Wood Carving ($18) have additional fees associated with them for materials that are collected during online registration. You may want to bring money at there will be refreshments for sale in the cafeteria.

Scouts, look at requirements you need toward your next rank advancement, talk with your leaders and decide which classes you would like to take. Remember, classes are assigned on a first-come first-served basis. The quicker you sign up, the better your chance of getting the classes you want. Most classes will hold 15 Scouts, some less. We will do everything possible to satisfy the needs of as many Scouts as possible.

Scoutmasters or their designate should review requirements with the Scout to insure he understands what will be required of him to finish the requirements for a particular badge. Most badges will not be finished if the Scout does not start working some requirements before the trail drive starts. For example, Personal Management, Family Life has a 90-day budget/chore list. Some Citizenship badges require letters to be written. Look at requirements and do what you can in advance of the Merit Badge Trail Drive. More information on merit badge prerequisites are provided below.

Prerequisites for Earning Merit Badges at the Trail Drive

All Scouts should read the merit badge books for the classes they are taking and work on any requirements they can before class. This will insure that you are well on your way to completing the badge by the end of the trail drive.

Below is a list of some specific requirements for various badges that we suggest you will need to be working on or complete before the trail drive do to not enough time during the trail drive to complete and or to make it a little easier on you to get everything completed. Badges listed with the statement “Complete Requirement” means you will have to complete or be completed by the end of session three in order to complete the badge.
Art: 4
Chemistry: 7
Citizenship in the Community: 3 and 8
Citizenship in the Nation: 2, 3 and 8
Communications: 5 and 7
Computers: Chose and work requirements for 6 and 7
Electricity: 2
Emergency Preparedness: Complete Requirement 1, Scout must have earned the First Aid merit badge
Engineering: 2, 6
Family Life: Complete Requirement 3
Fire safety: 11
First Aid: Complete Requirement 1 (All First Aid Rank Requirements from Tenderfoot to First Class)
Genealogy: 2
Indian Lore: Complete requirement 1
Model Design and Building: 5
Personal Management: Complete Requirement 2. Consider starting Req. 8 and 9
Programming: 1A
Search & Rescue: 5
Sustainability: 1
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions received about the Trail Drive. Hope this is of help to you.

Q. When does the Trail Drive start?
Dates for 2015 are February 7th, February 21st and March 7th. Session #1 starts at 8:45 a.m. Scouts should be in the cafeteria no later than 8:30. At that time we will announce any room changes or other information needing to get out to Scouts and leaders. The last session ends at 12:15 p.m. We must be cleaned up and out of the facility by 1 p.m.

Q. Do I have to attend every session of the trail drive? I can’t make a session because of band or sports, etc.
No, the staff matches you up with a counselor. You work with the counselor to earn the merit badge. Most badges can be completed over the period of the trail drive. Some take longer do to length of some requirements. If you have to miss a session, you and the counselor will need to work out what you need to do to complete requirements for the particular badge. It is best if you can attend every session, but it is not a requirement.

Q. Can I take less than three classes?
1.Yes. We offer you the opportunity to sign-up for to three classes; however, if you only wish to take one or two, it’s your choice.

Q. When will I get my Merit Badge? / When will my son get his badge?
If everything goes as planned; at the end of the trail drive the counselor will turn in the class tracking sheet and blue merit badge cards to the staff or will give the merit badge card to the Scout. The Counselor will sign this card if the Scout has finished all requirements. The Trail Drive staff will also provide badge summary sheets showing what requirements the Scouts accomplished during the Trail Drive. If the Scout has not completed all requirements, the counselor will date and initial completed requirements. The Scout can continue to work with the counselor or another if needed until all requirements are finished. Once the Scout has the card signed by the counselor, he will turn this into his Troop. The Troop will fill out an advancement form or use On Line Advancement procedures to obtain and present the badge to the Scout.

Q. My son didn’t finish all the requirements. Can he still earn the badge?
1.Yes. As stated above, Scouts may continue to work with the counselor or take his card to another counselor should this be more covenant do to traveling distance etc. and work on completing the requirements. Once complete, the counselor will sign the card. He will turn this into his unit who will complete the advancement process and award the badge.

Q. My son is already registered on-line for X, Y and Z badges? Can he change one of the badges for another?
1.Yes. A Scout may change one or more of the badges he is registered for in advance of the start of the Trail Drive provided there is vacancy for the class and/or there is no conflict in time with the other badge classes he is already registered for. For instance, a request to change from three classes to add a badge with a 2-session class assignment (such as First Aid or Search & Rescue) will require eliminating two badges to accommodate the 2-session class. Please contact the registrar ( or contqact the Scout Office (937) 325-6449 to make the registration change.

Q. Who was my son’s counselor for ________ merit badge? / Can you tell me my counselor’s name and phone number?
Please, at the very first session write down your counselor’s name, address, email and phone number. This could save you a lot of time. Should you lose this information you can call or email Kelly and Pam Smith at 937-429-0538 or and we can look it up for you.

Q. How long do I have to complete partially completed merit badge I started at the trail drive?
You have until your 18th birthday to complete the requirements. However I recommend while you have contact with the counselor that you try and finish as soon as possible.

Q. My son started the ________ merit badge and has a partially completed blue card. Can he finish the badge at the Trail Drive?
Only at the discretion of the merit badge Counselor; he or she may honor the partial blue card or require the Scout to work on all requirements addressed during the badge sessions. The Trial Drive staff does not make that determination.

Q. This one comes in various forms: “My son registered, for example, First Aid and Electricity. Can he register for a
third merit badge?
1.No. First Aid, Emergency Prep and Search & Rescue are all two-period classes. Because of the amount of work and time needed for Scouts to demonstrate many requirements, these classes need more time. Therefore Scouts requesting these classes will be scheduled for the class in periods #1 and #2 (e.g. First Aid A) or #2 and #3 (e.g. First Aid B), along with one other registered class if available.

Q. Why is it that some merit badge classes are labeled with A, B, C etc.? Is there a difference?
There is no difference between i.e. Cit. in the Community A or B or other classes listed with an alpha character. The alpha designation is used to keep the classes separated within the data base.
Additional Class Registration Info

The 2016 Merit Badge class schedule, rooms and class sizes are provided in the pdf link below.

2016 Chillicothe District Merit Badge Trail Drive Class Schedule.pdf

Registration is online at the Tecumseh Council website at Use this pdf to guide your selection of classes by session before registering online. Class registration is on a first-come, first served basis only.

We request Scouts to register for only two Eagle-Scout required merit badges for this Trail Drive. The Eagle Scout Rank required badges offered at this year’s Trail Drive include:
Citizenship in the Community
Citizenship in the Nation
Citizenship in the World
Emergency Preparedness
First Aid
Family Life
Personal Management

Merit Badge Blue Cards: Scouts and Troops are responsible for the provision of merit badge blue cards to be brought to the first Trail Drive session (Feb 6th). The blue cards need to be signed by the Scoutmaster or designated Ast. Scoutmaster before submitting to the appropriate merit badge counselor. A pdf template to print merit badge blue cards is available at the top of this page.

If you have questions regarding the Chillicothe District Merit Badge Trail Drive, please contact Co-Chairmen Kelly and Pamala Smith at or 937-429-0538.

If you have questions regarding online registration, please contact Tara Corns at 937-325-6449or [Click for member's page].

Thank you,
Ms. Simpson

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Scout Sunday / Pancake Breakfast

We'll need lots of help to prepare, serve and cleanup over 200 meals on Sunday,February 7th. 2016

Scouts are to register at the VolunterrSpot WEB site, parents can too.
Here is the VolunteerSpot signup:

Boy Scout Troop 103 Pancake Breakfast

I have attached a flyer for you to use to market this fundraiser to families, friends, co-workers,your church. Print it, post it, or probably most effectively Scouts can write a brief personal email and send the attachment.

The flyer is available on the Troop 103 Forms page of the web site.

Mr. Crawford

Monday, January 04, 2016

Oceanography Merit Badge at the Columbus Zoo April 10th or April 23rd, 2016

Good afternoon Troop #103,

I hope the end of 2015 finds you well and the start of 2016 brings you renewed spirit and good health. I have a very special and unique Merit Badge opportunity courtesy of Ms. Summers. The Columbus Zoo offers a one day session to Boy Scouts to earn the Oceanography Merit Badge. From what I understand it is quite a fun day at the zoo and you get to not only earn a merit badge, but enjoy what the zoo has to offer as well.

Oceanography Merit Badge: Explore the oceans and earn your Oceanography merit bade right here at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium! We invite you to join us and have fun with hands-on activities while earning your requirements. Program highlights include a visit to our Discovery Reef and Manatee Coast exhibits and the use of the Zoo's many resources.

Now open for registration!

Dates: Sunday, Apr 10 OR Saturday, Apr 23
Times: 9:00am-4:00pm
Cost: $36 per Scout

(Admission to Zoo is automatically incuded for scouts & chaperones. Adult supervision required - See FAQ's link above for chaperone allowance policy.)

Registration is limited to the first 150 Scouts.

Registrations can only be done online. Payment is requested at the time of registration.

Additional Details:
Badge workshop is not all-inclusive. The workshop will cover eight of nine requirements. Requirement #8 is not completed during the workshop and should be done as a post- requirement along with a short take-home quiz required by the council. Upon completion of the last requirement and quiz, the scouts will be eligible for their Oceanography Merit Badge. No blue cards will be signed the day of the program!

Duration 7 Hours
This is a first come first serve only type of sign up and has to be completed online. Please see Ms. Summers and myself at this coming Monday (Jan. 4th) for more information and we will need to get you signed up as soon as possible. We will have a deadline for signing up shortly! We just wanted to get this information out to the troop first! If you would like to read up on the information yourself, you can google or simply click on the link below to go to the website.

Boy Scout Oceanography Merit Badge Workshop

Please be thinking about this event and deciding if you would like to this very unique merit badge. This is not one that is able to be earned at Summer camp and most likely at any of the other merit badge sessions. Plus you get to hang out at the Columbus zoo for the day.

See you all next year!
Ms. Simpson

Merit Badge College

Good afternoon Troop,

Anyone who is interested in attending Merit Badge College at UD, it's that time of year again. Here is the information for the sessions and what they are doing this year. As a reminder for those who are unfamiliar with what Merit Badge College is or where it is; Merit Badge College is run by the brothers of Epsilon Tau Pi. Epsilon Tau Pi is a brotherhood of Eagle Scouts created during the Spring of 1999 at the University of Dayton. Epsilon Tau Pi was formed as a means to allow Eagle Scouts to continue their involvement with scouting through service.

Merit Badge College

The brothers of Epsilon Tau Pi wish to help all scouts reach the rank of Eagle. To further this goal, Epsilon Tau Pi holds an annual event called Merit Badge College, a 3-session event during which a scout can earn up to 3 merit badges. Merit Badge College focuses on the badges required for the rank of Eagle, as well as a variety of non-required badges. These sessions give each scout involved the opportunity to learn new skills, and to hone skills that they may already possess.

LOCATION: University of Dayton

Session 1 February 6, 2016
Session 2 March 5, 2016 
Session 3 April 2, 2016

The brothers of Epsilon Tau Pi wish to help all scouts reach the rank of Eagle.

To further this goal, Epsilon Tau Pi holds an annual Merit Badge College, a 3-session event during which a scout can earn up to 5 merit badges.

MERIT BADGE COLLEGE the most efficient way to earn merit badges.
COST PER SCOUT: $15 Some badges have additional materials fees 

Registration Begins December 1ST, 2015 to register go to
CONTACT US! 1915 Trinity Ave, Dayton Ohio 45409

The following Merit Badges are being offered:
Automotive Maintenance
Citizenship in the Community*
Citizenship in the Nation*
Citizenship in the World*
Composite Materials
Crime Prevention
Emergency Preparedness*
Environmental Science*
Family Life*
Fire Safety
First Aid*
Model Design and Building
Nuclear Science
Personal Management*
*Required for Eagle

Red Cross First Aid/CPR certification
Intro to Philmont
Intro to Sea Base

Please read the following information on the Epsilon Tau Pi site about Blue Cards:

Blue Card Policy

Before Merit Badge College

The scout's name, the merit badge, Troop, District, Council, and appropriate signatures must be on the card before it can be accepted by MBC staff. No extra blue cards will be available from the MBC staff. If, for some reason, a scout is enrolled in a class and does not provide a blue card, we cannot award a completed merit badge or partial to the scout for any reason.

Troops will also be sent a list of prerequisites for all of the merit badges after registration and classes have been set.

During Merit Badge College
At the beginning of every period, counselors will receive a "class packet," which includes attendance and a requirement listing. These class packets, including all blue cards, will be picked up at the end of each period. Class attendance will be taken daily. The completed requirements for each scout will be listed on the attendance sheet and is the responsibility of the merit badge counselor to fill out after each class period.

After Merit Badge College

After the final session, counselors must return all complete (finished or partial) blue cards to the Merit Badge College Committee immediately after completion of their last class. Troop Contacts will receive blue cards through mail from the Merit Badge College Committee after all records are completed, which is usually within one month of the last date of MBC.
Counselor Record

If the merit badge has been completed, the counselors are expected to keep the counselor section of the blue card for at least 1 year.


If the merit badge has not been fully completed, and a partial is being granted, the blue card must be returned whole with the counselor portion still attached and the completed requirements initialed. Epsilon Tau Pi will retain records detailing requirements earned by each scout.

There is a set schedule for each session and they stick to it so that each session stays on time:

Session Schedule

Merit Badge College 2016 sessions will be held on the campus of the University of Dayton on Saturday, February 6th, 2016, Saturday, March 5th, 2016 and Saturday, April 2nd, 2016.

Registration will begin on the evening of December 1st, 2015.

Each day will start with a flag ceremony at 8:30 am

Each class period lasts for fifty minutes, separated by a ten-minute break period. Period times are as follows:
Period 1: 9:00 am - 9:50 am
Period 2: 10:00 am - 10:50 am
Period 3: 11:00 am - 11:50 am

Important Dates

December 1, 2015 - Registration Begins
February 6th, 2016 - Session One
March 5th, 2016 - Session Two
April 2nd, 2016 - Session Three

The link containing all of this information is so that you can read it at you own leisure.

Also there is a flyer attached with the same information.

Thank you,
Ms. Simpson

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rank Advancement Reminders

Scouts and Parents,

Here are some reminders and some new information scouts and parents need to know regarding rank advancement: 

1. Troop positions of responsibility for Star Scout and above: Scouts serving in positions of troop responsibility will work with adult mentors and complete Junior Leadership Worksheets (reminder). Mentor assignments and Junior Leadership Worksheets can be found on the troop web page ( Position of responsibility requirements in scout handbooks must be signed by the scout's position mentor (new). 

2. Merit Badge requirement verification for Star Scout and above: Scouts must request a Troop Master printout from Mr. Head at least one week prior to Scoutmaster conferences and boards of review for ranks Star Scout and above. Troop Master printouts will be used to verify merit badge completion. 

3. Remember to request a Scoutmaster conference and a board of review a week in advance. 

  • Scouts should contact the Scoutmaster verbally or by email ( to schedule a Scoutmaster conference. 
  • Scouts should contact the Troop Committee Chairman verbally or by email ( to schedule a Board Of Review.
  • Scouts must wear Class A uniform to all Scoutmaster conferences and Boards Of Review. 

4. Scouts should bring their Scout Handbook to all Scoutmaster conferences and board of reviews.

Mr. Allaire and Mr. Hempfling

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Eagle Scout Palm Application

Attention All Eagle Scouts:

When earning an Eagle Palm, you are required to fill out the Eagle Scout Palm Application form located on the Troop 103 Forms page.

This form must be completed and submitted to the Rank Advancement Committee Member (Mr. Head) for use in purchasing the Eagle Scout Palm award.

This is an electronic PDF form and can be filled out online and printed.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Merit Badge Reminders

Scouts and Parents,

All Troop 103 scouts who are working on Merit Badges need to meet the following expectations:

1) You need to schedule all meetings with your counselor ahead of time. This can be done by telephone, e-mail, or by asking them in person at a meeting. Do not walk up to your merit badge counselor at a meeting and ask them to meet with you on the spot. Our adult volunteers give very freely of their time, but they are pulled in multiple directions at a meeting. Take responsibility for scheduling your merit badge sessions.

2) Read the merit badge requirements carefully. If there is a requirement to have a discussion with your counselor prior to beginning a merit badge requirement (i.e. Personal Fitness, Family Life, Personal Management, etc.), DISCUSS WITH YOUR COUNSELOR BEFORE BEGINNING THE REQUIREMENT. If you have not fulfilled the discussion requirement prior to beginning the main requirement, it may not be approved. This means that you may have to do even a time requirement again (such as the personal fitness workouts).

3) If a time requirement requires you to record your results over the duration of the requirement, then record them as you go. Do not try to re-construct the records at the end of the requirement.

4) Merit badge worksheets are an excellent idea, but, simply writing down the answer and giving it to the counselor is not sufficient. Scouts need to be able to discuss their answer and be able to answer their counselor's questions on the subject. Answers need to reflect an understanding of the material and not be one-word answers such as "yes" or "no."

5) Two deep adult leadership must be in place at ALL TIMES. Adults; if the meeting is at your house, be home; if the meeting is at the counselor's house, stick around; if the meeting is at the church, don't drop off the scout and take off. This is very important for the protection of our troop as a whole.

Mr. Marcum

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Requirement Sign Off in Scout Handbook


There have been several questions asked about who can sign-off on completed requirements in the BSA Handbook. We have the answer....

The following people are permitted to sign-off completed requirements in the BSA Handbook for Troop 103:
  1. Scoutmaster 
  2. Assistant Scoutmaster 
  3. Committee Member

NOTE: Adult Leaders or Non-Leader Adults are NOT permitted to sign-off completed requirements for their own scout.