Troop 103 Calendar

Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Angel - Dec. 19th


When: Monday, December 19th (7:00PM - ??)
Where: Fellowship Hall (St. James UMC)
What: Assemble Christmas gifts and food packages for needy families
Why: These Christmas gift packages will be given to 8 families
Who: Need 6-8 Scouts/Adults to participate (more are welcome)

If you participate in this service project, please be at the Scout meeting at 7:00PM
A meeting plan is being put together for Scouts not participating. 

Helping Hands - Dec. 23rd

Helping Hands

When: Friday, December 23rd (2:00PM - 7:00PM)
Where: Miamisburg Helping Hands Food Pantry
            224 E. Maple Ave, Miamisburg OH 45342
What: Assist all Helping Hands clients with their Christmas packages
Why: A Scout is Helpful!
Who: Need 6-8 Scouts/Adults to man 2 shifts

Wear your Class A Uniform
Shifts will be 2:00PM - 4:30PM & 4:30PM - 7:00PM

2016 Wreath Laying

Good afternoon,

Just a reminder for any of those who are wanting to participate on Saturday Dec. 3rd, for the wreath laying at Hillgrove Union Cemetery that we need to be there at 7:45 a.m. Please make sure to be appropriately dressed for the weather as we will be outside. Also remember that wreaths will be placed at the grave sites on Saturday, December 3, 2016 and will remain on the grave sites through January 2017. Hillgrove Union Cemetery staff will assist us to place and they will remove wreaths. The cemetery appreciates your support of this program and encourages you to share this information with other families.

Where: Hillgrove Union Cemetery, 1002 E Central Ave, Miamisburg, OH 45342

Please remember to be reverent when placing the wreaths and that there is a specific manner in which we will be applying the wreaths. We will be following a grid pattern as indicated by Wade Collins who is one of the caretakers and Board of Trustee members for the cemetery. This is not a how fast can we finish kind of event and is not the attitude we wish to convey to Hillgrove as they are so kind to ask our troop to be involved. Please remember that we are respectful, courteous and kind in addition to the other 9 parts of the Scout Law! I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday morning.

If you can just let me know via email if you plan on attending, that would be great!

Thank you,
Ms. Simpson

Monday, November 21, 2016

Troop 103 Christmas Party

Parents and Scouts,

Information for the 2016 Troop 103 Christmas Party & Chili Cook-Off is located on the Troop 103 Forms page.

When: December 3
Where: Camp Chautauqua, 9985 Camp Trail, Miamisburg, OH 45342
Time: 1:00PM - 4:00PM
Cost: $20 per family

BowlingChili Cook-OffFoodFun!

We ask that each person bring a can of tuna or can of Vienna

sausages or packages of fruit /pudding cups to be donated to
1 person = 1 can/package
5 people = 5 cans/packages

RSVP to Stephanie Scheu at or Molly Vincent at with the number attending and whether or not you are entering our Chili Cook-Off

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Scouts and Parents,

We have a recruitment opportunity this Monday evening at Parkview United Methodist Church on Benner Road. The Wright Brothers District Council is hosting an event for all of the Troops and Packs in Miamisburg. We need some Scouts to participate in this event and show-off our Troop 103 to any new boys. There will be representatives from all Miamisburg Troops and Packs at this event. We need recruitment events like this to keep Troop 103 growing in the future.

  • Where: Parkview United Methodist Church - 3713 Benner Rd, Miamisburg, OH 45342
  • When: Monday, December 5, 2016 - 6:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Who: Contact Mrs. Julie Summers (

Please contact Mrs. Summers as soon as possible to make arrangements or if you have any questions.

Mr. Mize

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Troop Pictures

Scouts and Parents,

Ami Vogel and I would like to start a photo database of sorts and the purpose is two-fold. First, we would like to see slide shows at every Court of Honor and sometimes tracking down these photos is not easy. Second, we are planning to create a file for every scout so when his Eagle Court of Honor rolls around we will have plenty of pictures ready to go. This is (hopefully) going to be a large, ongoing project but if it is to be successful we need YOUR help! We need your pictures! Any and all events are welcome - Court of Honors, meetings, camp outs, activities, merit badge courses, etc. Anything to do with scouting is welcome.

We can accept photo memory cards, CD's, email and USB drives with pictures. If you hand us a memory card, CD or USB - you will get it back after we copy the pictures. Choose the format that works the best for you and let us know.

Please start sending us your photos!

Thanks so much!
Ami and Julie

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

SeaBase High Adventure Trip

Scouts and Parents,

Below is various pieces of information pertaining to the High Adventure Trip we are planning in 2017.

It is CRITICAL that your name appear as it does on your driver license, passport, or state issued ID.

This requirement is for everyone, adult leaders and Scouts too.

Last Name, First Name, Middle Name or Initial, and your Date of Birth

This information will be used to register @ Sea Base and if we fly via commercial airlines.

Let's start off with TSA accurate information entered into the work sheet tracking financials related to this High Adventure trip.

To register for Sea Base we need a $100 per person deposit paid on Monday March 14th , or Monday March 21st , 2016. We will have Leaders taking payments of the $100 deposit, your registration will be complete when the $100 deposit is paid.

Our Troop check needs to be mailed to Sea Base by March 31st, 2016. Deposits are nonrefundable.

I will maintain a worksheet as we continue to make payments for this High Adventure trip.

At this time our best estimated costs will consist of the following payments:

Out Island Adventure Dates:

Saturday May 27, 2017 - Friday June 2, 2017

The cost estimate per person for the Sea Base Out Island Adventure.
Sea Base cost for the 7 day Out Island Adventure
$ 860
Airfare Estimate Dayton-Ft. Lauderdale
(airfare is estimated, driving options are being investigated)
$ 425

Blue Sky Adventure Shuttle
(Ft. Lauderdale to Brinton Environmental Center)
$ 180

Florida Saltwater 3 day Fishing License
(Age 16 and over)
$ 17

$1,482 Total

Details of payment plans and fund raising opportunities will be present once we get though this participant registration process.

Anchors Away!


Your crew will paddle aboard a Polynesian War Canoe 5 miles through the Atlantic Ocean to Big Munson Island. You will explore the island by land, snorkel, kayak and participate in shark fishing. Weather permitting, you will be fishing from a power boats off shore of the Florida Keys with the hope of adding fish to your evening meal. The last full day will be spent snorkeling at Looe Key or the patch reef Munson Rocks and working on an environmental project. Your final evening will be a celebration of adventure and a closing campfire. Day 6 your crew will bid farewell to Big Munson Island and paddle 5 miles back to Brinton Environmental Center for closing Conch LUAU.

If you want to participate in this outing send your information as it appears on your state ID, driver license, or passport:

last name
middle initial or name
first name
Date of Birth

A $100 dollar deposit is required to be paid to reserve your spot in this High Adventure outing. I will be available to take your payment on either Monday 3/14 or 3/21.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Merit Badge Application Process

Starting March 7, 2016, the following process will be in place for Scouts wanting to work on a Merit Badge.

1) Scouts are to arrange for a discussion with Scoutmaster in order to
  1. State their desire/plans to work on a merit badge,
  2. Define which merit badge counselor they are planning to work with 
  3. To review some basic expectations of the merit badge process
2) When that Scoutmaster conversation is in place, I will then
  1. Provide them a blue card, 
  2. Ask them to fill out "Application for Merit Badge" section 
  3. Will approve the application by signature
3) Scouts may then arrange to meet with Merit Badge Counselor to begin conversations.

The Scoutmaster will designate additional resources as needed for times of high activity.

The following rules/guidelines are still in place.

Scouts and Parents,

All Troop 103 scouts who are working on Merit Badges need to meet the following expectations:

1) You need to schedule all meetings with your counselor ahead of time. This can be done by telephone, e-mail, or by asking them in person at a meeting. Do not walk up to your merit badge counselor at a meeting and ask them to meet with you on the spot. Our adult volunteers give very freely of their time, but they are pulled in multiple directions at a meeting. Take responsibility for scheduling your merit badge sessions.

2) Read the merit badge requirements carefully. If there is a requirement to have a discussion with your counselor prior to beginning a merit badge requirement (i.e. Personal Fitness, Family Life, Personal Management, etc.), DISCUSS WITH YOUR COUNSELOR BEFORE BEGINNING THE REQUIREMENT. If you have not fulfilled the discussion requirement prior to beginning the main requirement, it may not be approved. This means that you may have to do even a time requirement again (such as the personal fitness workouts).

3) If a time requirement requires you to record your results over the duration of the requirement, then record them as you go. Do not try to re-construct the records at the end of the requirement.

4) Merit badge worksheets are an excellent idea, but, simply writing down the answer and giving it to the counselor is not sufficient. Scouts need to be able to discuss their answer and be able to answer their counselor's questions on the subject. Answers need to reflect an understanding of the material and not be one-word answers such as "yes" or "no."

5) Two deep adult leadership must be in place at ALL TIMES. Adults; if the meeting is at your house, be home; if the meeting is at the counselor's house, stick around; if the meeting is at the church, don't drop off the scout and take off. This is very important for the protection of our troop as a whole.

Mr. Marcum

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rank Advancement Reminders

Scouts and Parents,

Here are some reminders and some new information scouts and parents need to know regarding rank advancement: 

1. Troop positions of responsibility for Star Scout and above: Scouts serving in positions of troop responsibility will work with adult mentors and complete Junior Leadership Worksheets (reminder). Mentor assignments and Junior Leadership Worksheets can be found on the troop web page ( Position of responsibility requirements in scout handbooks must be signed by the scout's position mentor (new). 

2. Merit Badge requirement verification for Star Scout and above: Scouts must request a Troop Master printout from Mr. Head at least one week prior to Scoutmaster conferences and boards of review for ranks Star Scout and above. Troop Master printouts will be used to verify merit badge completion. 

3. Remember to request a Scoutmaster conference and a board of review a week in advance. 

  • Scouts should contact the Scoutmaster verbally or by email ( to schedule a Scoutmaster conference. 
  • Scouts should contact the Troop Committee Chairman verbally or by email ( to schedule a Board Of Review.
  • Scouts must wear Class A uniform to all Scoutmaster conferences and Boards Of Review. 

4. Scouts should bring their Scout Handbook to all Scoutmaster conferences and board of reviews.

Mr. Allaire and Mr. Hempfling

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Eagle Scout Palm Application

Attention All Eagle Scouts:

When earning an Eagle Palm, you are required to fill out the Eagle Scout Palm Application form located on the Troop 103 Forms page.

This form must be completed and submitted to the Rank Advancement Committee Member (Mr. Head) for use in purchasing the Eagle Scout Palm award.

This is an electronic PDF form and can be filled out online and printed.