Troop 103 meets every Monday night at 7:30pm at St. James United Methodist Church in Fellowship Hall.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Creating a Positive Culture: The Importance of Establishing and Keeping Traditions

After coming home from this weekend’s annual Honor Camp, I couldn’t help but think more about the word “tradition”.

The Troop 103 Honor Camp is one our most unique and enduring camping events within our scouting calendar; as it is centered on celebrating the Scout’s achievements, making time for deep personal reflections and of course for having fun. I was so happy for each boy who attended this weekend as they were able to thoroughly enjoy the camping experience and simultaneously carry on this great Troop 103 tradition started many years ago.

I was sniffing around on the internet, and found this wonderful article 

<> to share with you.

It's timely, because the biggest and most traditional holidays of the year are soon upon us. We are all not on this earth for very long as they say, and it’s never too late to put a little extra thought into how to celebrate the occasions of our lives with more depth and meaning. Sometimes it is the simple words you choose during reflections/prayers, efforts you make to include a personal thought or simply to be prepared the best we can.

Family (and Troop J) traditions are powerful conveyers of the truth and love we share from one generation to the next.

Thank you again to our special adult volunteers who made extraordinary efforts to be there for our Scouts and to carry on this important tradition of Honor Camp.

Very appreciatively yours in Scouting,
Mr. Allaire

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Popcorn Update

********** IMPORTANT **********

Scouts and Parents,

The 2014 Popcorn Sale officially ends on Sunday, October 26th.

At the troop meeting on Monday, October 20th, the Show and Sell product will be available to begin filling your orders.

At the troop meeting on Monday, October 27th, ALL ORDERS, INCLUDING PRIZE CHOICES, MUST BE TURNED IN.

On October 28th, I will be submitting our final orders, this includes TAKE ORDERS.

Thank You

Kernel Vincent

Monday, October 06, 2014

Wreath Laying - Community Service

Hillgrove Union Cemetery and local Boy Scout Troop #103 are teaming up to offer a new wreath program as a way of decorating grave sites for the 2014-15 holiday and winter season. Community members are invited to purchase wreaths to beautify the grave site of their loved ones.

Wreath Laying at Hillgrove Union Cemetery 1002 E. Central Avenue Miamisburg, Oh 45342

When: Saturday December 6th
Where: Meet at the church at 7:30am to go to Hillgrove Cemetery at 7:40am
Start Time: Wreath Laying starts at 8am
End Time: Goes until completed--(You will be driven back to the church afterward to be  picked up ).
Why: 100-150 Veterans grave will be decorated with wreaths in remembrance and to honor the Veterans from Miamisburg who have served.
Who: As many Troop #103 scouts as we can get to volunteer their time.

Please take an hour or two out of your morning and join us in giving back to those who gave us more than we can ever repay them for.

Please reply to Maribeth Simpson at or 937-286-9582 if you are able to attend and if an adult if you are able to drive to the cemetery and back.

Community Days Fundraiser

As a reminder, there are 3 more weeks until the Community Days Event at Elder Beerman (Nov 14th and 15th (Fri/Sat)).

Here is great way to earn extra money for Scouting activities....

Dear Scouts and Parents,

Once again scouts have the opportunity to raise money for their accounts with the Elder-Beerman "Community Days Event".

"Community Days" is a two day event where Elder-Beerman puts on a special sale, which requires customers to use coupons from booklets only sold by non-profit organizations. Beginning now, booklets can be sold for the event which is on Friday November 14th and Saturday the 15th.

Simply by selling a coupon booklet for $5, a scout earns $4 for their account and $1 for the troop general fund. It is pure profit for each booklet.

I will have booklets available at the troop meetings for pick up or review. Note that there's no risk in taking booklets, in the end, just return any that are not sold.

In addition, Elder Beerman offers scouts, with an adult, the option to sell booklets at the store. There are four entrances to the store and you would be assigned one of them for a two hour period. If anyone is interested, see or email me to schedule a time.

The only thing Elder Beerman asks is that we provide weekly updates. So at each troop meeting, please turn in any money that you have collected so far. That way we can up date our count with Elder Beerman.

If you have any questions, please catch me at the meeting or email me.

Thank you and good luck,

Bill Ferrara

Each coupon booklet contains:

1 – Coupon worth $10 off on a $10 or more item*
1 – Tiered shopping pass for 25%/15%/10% off each regular or sale priced item*
1 – 30% Early bird coupon, both days until 1pm*
There are 57 special merchandise offers, they include:

* See coupon for exclusions

These coupon booklets are good in store and on-line on Friday November 14th and Saturday the 15th (except for the $10 off coupon).

Coupons can be used on Bonus Buys!

Special note: Pre-sell - Sunday, November 10th through Wednesday, November 13th
Customers are able to select their purchases in advance of the actual event. The store will ring the customer's pre-sell on store charge or bank card. The items will be available Friday November the 15th through Monday the 18th.

Here's more details if interested:

Elder Beerman is part of BON-TON Stores Inc, which is also comprised of BON-TON, Bergner's, Boston Store, Carson's, Herberger's and Younkers. These coupon booklets are good at any of these stores.

Spook-O-Ree - October 25, 2014

It's that time of year again when scouts don their scary masks to scare cubs of all ages. Mr. Dria gives us an opportunity each year to give back to scouting by volunteering our time to help Cub Adventure World out by running different areas of entertainment and setting up. Parents are encouraged to stay and help in the concessions area but it is not mandatory. We just usually end up need the extra hands eventually. This is a great way to earn some of those hours for advancement but I know that the boys like to do it just because it's fun.

Here are the directions to the Ward's Corner exit. We typically stop and get Subway and meet Mr. Dria for lunch so he can get last minute odds and ends.

Directions for Ward's Corner exit (54):

Directions for getting food at next exit past Ward's Corner (57):

Food at exit 57:

Plan on leaving St. James UMC no later than 12 noon on Saturday October 25th so that lunch can be obtained and we are there in plenty of time for instructional overview. Do not wear your costume down, you will have plenty of time to put it on at the event!

We are typically finished by 11pm and it takes about an hour to get home. Your boys will have been fed all the hot dogs,chips and other items that they can eat for helping out on the event so they will not need any additional money aside from lunch. You can send extra but they most likely will not need it.

I will have a sign up sheet on Monday to start getting a head count and so that we have enough cars for transportation. Mr. Dria will already be down at Spook-o-Ree so we can't count his car.

Please see Mr. Dria or myself with any additional questions.

Thank you,
Ms. Simpson

Thursday, October 02, 2014

University of Scouting - November 1, 2014

Scout and Leaders,

This is a great opportunity to get some additional Boy Scout of America training very cheaply. AND it is very close to us!
We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, if at all possible. Whether you go for 1 session or 6 sessions, doesn't matter.

Descriptions of each class is available on the University of Scouting web site.

It's time to mark your calendar and save-the-date for University of Scouting! This is the place to be for training. From how to add pizzaz to your Pack to planning high adventure treks for troops and crews, you will get the training you need for success. Bring youth too; sessions are scheduled for Boy Scouts and Venturing youth! Space is limited so make sure to register today!

The early bird rate has been extended through October 5th.

What: University of Scouting
Where: St. Henry's Church 

              6696 Springboro Pike Dayton, OH 45449
When: Saturday November 1st 2014 at 9 am untill 4 pm
Cost: Adults are $20 Youth $10 (on October 6th adults are $25 and youth at $15)

Click here for online registration Here are some of the exciting classes you can participate in at university of scouting.

101 Pack Pizzazz
102 Cub Scouts in the Outdoors
103 Crafts for Cub Scouts
104 Leave No Trace for Cubs
105 Changes to the Cub Program
106 Soap Carving
107 Fire-Free Cooking
108 Follow Me Boys
109 Do I need a Den Chief?
110 And Away We Go!
111 Weird Science
201 Getting the most out of YOUR Webelos Program
301 Boy Scout Program Changes
302 The Merit Badge Counselor
303 SPL/SM Communication
304 Conducting Effective Boards of Review
305 Backpacking 101
306 The Order of the Arrow and Your Unit
307 Your Son is now a Boy Scout
308 Geo-caching 101
309 Funding the Fun
310 Leave No Trace: Back Country
311 Orienteering and Compass
312 Creating an Orienteering Course
313 The Scoutmaster Minute
401 Light the Fire
402 Den Chief Training
403 Your Unit's Junior Leader Training
404 Ceremonies and Courts of Honor
405 Teaching Fire and Knife Safety
406 Eating Well While Camping
407 Physically Fit
408 A Scout is Reverent
409 EDGE Orientation
410 Team Building
411 Youth Protection is Everyone
412 Holding an Effective PLC
501 Venturing Leader Specific Training
502 Crew Committee Challenge
503 Changes to the Venturing Program
601 Recruiting Volunteers
602 Unit Leader Responsibilities
603 Communicating Effectively
604 High Adventure
605 Every Scout is Unique
606 So you are going to be the Treasurer
607 Tracking Advancement
608 Woodworking
609 Outdoor Cooking
610 P.R.A.Y.
611 Realistic First Aid
612 When Eve Hits the Trail (Woman Only)
613 Preventing and Resolving Adult Conflict
614 Great Units just don't happen by chance!
615 What is Commissioner Service?
616 Why should I attend roundtable?
617 MyScouting and MyCouncil

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rank Advancement Reminders

Scouts and Parents,

Here are some reminders and some new information scouts and parents need to know regarding rank advancement: 

1. Troop positions of responsibility for Star Scout and above: Scouts serving in positions of troop responsibility will work with adult mentors and complete Junior Leadership Worksheets (reminder). Mentor assignments and Junior Leadership Worksheets can be found on the troop web page ( Position of responsibility requirements in scout handbooks must be signed by the scout's position mentor (new). 

2. Merit Badge requirement verification for Star Scout and above: Scouts must request a Troop Master printout from Mr. Head at least one week prior to Scoutmaster conferences and boards of review for ranks Star Scout and above. Troop Master printouts will be used to verify merit badge completion. 

3. Remember to request a Scoutmaster conference and a board of review a week in advance. 

  • Scouts should contact the Scoutmaster verbally or by email ( to schedule a Scoutmaster conference. 
  • Scouts should contact the Troop Committee Chairman verbally or by email ( to schedule a Board Of Review.
  • Scouts must wear Class A uniform to all Scoutmaster conferences and Boards Of Review. 

4. Scouts should bring their Scout Handbook to all Scoutmaster conferences and board of reviews.

Mr. Allaire and Mr. Stumpf

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Eagle Scout Palm Application

Attention All Eagle Scouts:

When earning an Eagle Palm, you are required to fill out the Eagle Scout Palm Application form located on the Troop 103 Forms page.

This form must be completed and submitted to the Rank Advancement Committee Member (Mr. Head) for use in purchasing the Eagle Scout Palm award.

This is an electronic PDF form and can be filled out online and printed.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Merit Badge Reminders

Scouts and Parents,

All Troop 103 scouts who are working on Merit Badges need to meet the following expectations:

1) You need to schedule all meetings with your counselor ahead of time. This can be done by telephone, e-mail, or by asking them in person at a meeting. Do not walk up to your merit badge counselor at a meeting and ask them to meet with you on the spot. Our adult volunteers give very freely of their time, but they are pulled in multiple directions at a meeting. Take responsibility for scheduling your merit badge sessions.

2) Read the merit badge requirements carefully. If there is a requirement to have a discussion with your counselor prior to beginning a merit badge requirement (i.e. Personal Fitness, Family Life, Personal Management, etc.), DISCUSS WITH YOUR COUNSELOR BEFORE BEGINNING THE REQUIREMENT. If you have not fulfilled the discussion requirement prior to beginning the main requirement, it may not be approved. This means that you may have to do even a time requirement again (such as the personal fitness workouts).

3) If a time requirement requires you to record your results over the duration of the requirement, then record them as you go. Do not try to re-construct the records at the end of the requirement.

4) Merit badge worksheets are an excellent idea, but, simply writing down the answer and giving it to the counselor is not sufficient. Scouts need to be able to discuss their answer and be able to answer their counselor's questions on the subject. Answers need to reflect an understanding of the material and not be one-word answers such as "yes" or "no."

5) Two deep adult leadership must be in place at ALL TIMES. Adults; if the meeting is at your house, be home; if the meeting is at the counselor's house, stick around; if the meeting is at the church, don't drop off the scout and take off. This is very important for the protection of our troop as a whole.

Mr. Marcum

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Requirement Sign Off in Scout Handbook


There have been several questions asked about who can sign-off on completed requirements in the BSA Handbook. We have the answer....

The following people are permitted to sign-off completed requirements in the BSA Handbook for Troop 103:
  1. Scoutmaster 
  2. Assistant Scoutmaster 
  3. Committee Member

NOTE: Adult Leaders or Non-Leader Adults are NOT permitted to sign-off completed requirements for their own scout.